A group of activists from PETT (People for the Ethical Treatment of Toons) have been able to sneak a spy camera inside the Tooniversity facilities at Concordia University. Below you see a live broadcast from the camera that shows the violent studying methods.

Recording of the SpyCam footage.

Tooniversity SpyCam from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.


When watching cartoons, people rarely think about the amount of time and dedication the cartoon characters spend on perfecting their sketches and routines. Unfortunately, consumers love to see toons getting hurt. There is just something special about dropping heavy anvils on the heads of unsuspecting cartoon characters that appeals to the majority of viewers.

Like in all fields of entertainment, the competition in the cartoon business is also very harsh. You are only as good as your last fall from a huge cliff. That’s why all the aspiring cartoon students at tooniversities across the world practice new and inventive ways of getting themselves hurt.

Not many people know this, but Concordia University in Montréal also has a toon department deep inside the maze that is known as the EV building. The university officials would prefer to keep this knowledge as a secret, since the brutal self torture that goes on inside the faculty would shock many people. In the same way that the Average Joe or Jane does not want to know where the meat inside his/her burger comes from, no-one really wants to know the shocking truth about the stories behind your Saturday morning dose of laughter.

Tooniversity from Matti Niinimäki on Vimeo.

In the video feed you can see a glimpse of a student sitting in front of a machine called The Sound Effect Invoker 3000. It is used to continuously hit the student in the face to inspire them to scream out new sound effects. Many studies have showed that many cartoon characters suffer from permanent brain damage and it is widely believed that these kinds of machines are the culprit.

Concordia Tooniversity encourages it’s students to engage in group work. Here one bunny character seems to help his colleague to endure the pain he will face later on his career.

This is one of the teachers at the Tooniversity. During the class he mostly shows old cartoons on his projector.


If you think that this treatment of young cartoon students is wrong, please leave a comment below to show your support to this important issue. When the number of comments reaches the critical limit of 100 000 100 20, we hope that the faculty in Concordia University can no longer ignore this issue, and closes down the Tooniversity inside their facilities.

Sign the Petition to Stop the Horrors at the Tooniversity

5 Responses to “Sign the Petition to Stop the Horrors at the Tooniversity”

  1. Matti:

    This is awful. I never knew how horrible the life of a toon could be.

  2. Tapani:

    What is this s#!%. Get off my internets.


  4. Norris Fisher:

    This is bad bad bad I never knew how hard toons had it, thank God for the dumb asses ap peta
    thats Peole for the elth treament of assholes….

  5. I hope I am in time. Maybe the damage has already been done. We have to stand together against this sort of treatment….